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Moms Do Business Different - Online Marketing, Sales Strategy and Mindset Tips for Christian Mom Entrepreneurs!

Aug 28, 2018

Hey bloggers! I see you over there and today I have something for you! Today I am chatting with Mecca Morse, a New Jersey native but now Atlanta transplant blogger. In 2010 on the 4th of July, Mecca packed up her life in New Jersey and went off to pursue her college career at the Art Institute of Los Angeles. with her love for fashion she ends up styling her friends and family for numerous occasions. When her college tuition was no longer covered she left the private school to attend West Los Angeles Community College and majored in Marketing and Communications where she really focused on my blogging. She started her very first blog glitter coffee and things in 2014 after going through a bad breakup and needing to find an outlet to make her feel better. After getting back with her now wife, she got engaged December 24th, 2016 and that’s when The Lifestyle Mrs came about. She created the blog out of excitement for becoming a new wife. Her vision for The Lifestyle Mrs is to share my experiences of planning her wedding, getting married, what life is like as a new wife, and finding a way to connect with other young wives and also young entrepreneurs like her in a world where "millennials" don't care for marriage or staying home. We talk about not giving up even when you feel like life is against you in your creative journey! Check Mecca out on social media: Instagram: Youtube: Stay Connected with She’s a Creative: Join the FB Group: Follow us on IG: Follow Kay on IG: Read the Blog and Sign Up for the Email List: