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Moms Do Business Different - Online Marketing, Sales Strategy and Mindset Tips for Christian Mom Entrepreneurs!

Apr 20, 2023

Coming in hot with a IG live replay! In this episode I talk about the #1 mistake I see service providers and coaching make with their offers and how to create an offer that truly connects with and serves your community. 

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Apr 18, 2023

Back at it again with another episode where I have a tiny human attached to me. He was not at all impressed with me recording but I'm not going to scrap the episode so... enjoy!

Today I'm speaking pretty candidly about focus and especially what happens when your focus isn't on things that will grow you or your business....

Apr 13, 2023

This is a replay from a live I did on Instagram where I broke down the numbers to increase your sales and the numbers that I consistently track and pay attention to in order to increase my sales and hit my goal numbers (revenue, awareness, and everything in between).

I break these numbers down even more inside the...

Apr 11, 2023

This is a replay from a live I did on Instagram where I authentically shared a recent experience with an unhappy client. When I listen back, I can still hear my feelings in my voice. I hope this encourages you because there will be clients (a very few) who simply don't feel happy with or satisfied with our service or...

Apr 6, 2023

**Disclaimer - Empire is definitely snoring in the background 🤣

In this episode I talk all about messaging and how generic messaging is a disservice to your community. I go into how messaging really affects your marketing and repels your MVP clients from deciding to work with you.