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Moms Do Business Different - Online Marketing, Sales Strategy and Mindset Tips for Christian Mom Entrepreneurs!

Apr 22, 2021


Hey boo! Meet my girl Sianey Paige! She is an Engagement Specialist!

From Pre-dental to starting and launching her social media business, Sianey supports entrepreneurs by engaging with their ideal client so they can convert them into customers.

In this episode we are talking all things engagement strategy! 

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Why is it important to focus on engagement? If you take the people out of your business, what do you have?

On social media it's important to focus on conversations and genuinely getting to know people. 

It's also important to TRACK your efforts. Tracking allows you to see what’s going wrong and learn from your past mistakes.

Q: Rule of thumb for how often you should be engaging.

  • engage as much as you’re comfortable with
  • be yourself, don’t go on a platform and be someone else

Content is King

  • Create a platform for yourself 
  • Pay attention to what people are putting on their page 
  • Respond to it
  • Have a conversation with them from there
  • Engage in the feed, highlights, and stories

Transition into a pitch by first focusing on them and then if they have a struggle that you can help them with, offer it.

  • Be genuine first
  • People can tell if they are connecting to pitch or to be authentic
  • When you're ready to pitch say - “Not pitching you” but soft offer your offer

Hashtags are a great way to find ideal clients to engage with. 

This was jam packed! Grab your notebook, start engaging with dream clients, and convert!

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