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Oct 13, 2020

Today we are talking about how I manifested a $10K month without a major launch.

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I’m a specific manifester so what I need to do is ask God for what I want specifically and then watch things unfold.

My income yo-yo’s a lot which is normal because usually when you’re in a launch or at max capacity you’ll make more money than when there’s no launch and you have availability without a waitlist

I knew that I wanted to start making $10K months without having to always be in launch mode so I decided to pray and manifest it.

I know it can sound a little crazy to pray for a certain amount of money but for me I base everything on my intentions.

My intention with $10K/mo is for me to be able to tithe and offer in excess, hire other amazing women, invest in coaching, support my family, and to support others in my community. I love buying things from you guys for example I recently bought candles from themindvibeco by Ki inside the group and her candles are the bomb! Check her out on ig at

Anyway there’s tons of other intentions that I have but thats a start so the first thing to manifesting $10K or any amount of money is to check your intentions.

  • Why do you want this money?
  • What does this mean to you?
  • What do you plan to do with this money?

So here are the 7 things I did to manifest a $10K month without launching.

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