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Moms Do Business Different - Online Marketing, Sales Strategy and Mindset Tips for Christian Mom Entrepreneurs!

Jun 6, 2019

Today we are chatting with Teju Aluko, the owner and CEO of Branperience, a Brand Experience firm. As a brand experience strategist, Teju builds brands that foster loyalty. She has over 13 years of branding and marketing experience within various industries and organizations from Kohl’s, Fox Sports, and THE University OF Milwaukee. In this episode. we are chatting about how to create a memorable brand experience - Branding for creatives. From how Teju got her start to what is a brand experience and why we are creatives should focus on it, Teju is a breath of fresh air and SUPER relatable! Laugh with us as we talk about how to make your brand a MEMORABLE one. Follow Teju: Follow Kay: