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Nov 17, 2020

Today's episode is about 8 Things you can outsource to make you business and life run smoothly! 

Girllll my life has sincerely changed once I started outsourcing things in my personal life to support me in my business. Maybe you're not in a position to hire a VA, copywriter, or other service provider - consider dipping your toes into outsourcing things in your personal life that will free up time and space to spend on your business (or with your family). 

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8 Things you can outsource to make you business and life run smoothly (links lead to affiliate links):

1. Grocery shopping - Instacart - Get $10 and Free Shipping, shipt, Amazon
2. Laundry - happy nest ($25 credit using code: KDZNEWCY
3. Cooking/meal prep 
4. Housekeeping/cleaning 
5. Clothes Shopping - hire a personal stylist or use things like rent the runway, stitchfix
6. Recurring tasks like emails, invoicing, appointment scheduling, etc- VA (Red Stapler Associates and for systems check out Qiana Solomon of The Virtual Key)
7. Graphic design - time waster for most of us trying to get it perfect (Alicia Lawrence and Kendra Grant)
8. Childcare - baby sitter, in home nanny, mommy morning out

Let's get this SCHMONEY! 

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