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Moms Do Business Different - Online Marketing, Sales Strategy and Mindset Tips for Christian Mom Entrepreneurs!

Feb 19, 2019

Hey boo hey! Today I want to share a few tips on promoting yourself and not feeling spammy. Don't forget to grab your ticket to the Mind Your Business Event TODAY! Today I'm sharing 11 tips to help you promote without feeling spammy! 1. Always solve a problem. Whenever you share your product or service make sure you position it as a problem solver. 2. Give value consistently. I follow an 80/20 rule when it comes to promoting myself. On 80% of my posts I give all my secrets away and on 20% I pitch my product or service. This isn’t a hard rule but the goal because when I’m launching something I give value and pitch 100% but it keeps me in check and reminds me to give value. 3. Write a plan and schedule as much as possible 4. Don’t worry about the negative comments. There will be haters. Dont worry about them. Unless someone is offering you helpful feedback take it with a grain of salt. 5. Connect with others in your industry or a complimentary industry. They will promote you for you. 6. Take good photos or have branded quality quotes. Aesthetics are everything and the quickest way to look spammy is to always share unoriginal content. Take some time to create photos that are branded and yours 7. Be yourself. Dont try to copy how someone else writes/talks/or photographs. People are attracted to you so be you. 8. Create a facebook group where you give tons of value. NEVER ADD PEOPLE WITHOUT ASKING THEM FIRST 9. Start a blog and then you can share articles that deliver lots of value and even have links to your products/services. You can share this everywhere because people won’t feel sold to, blogs tend to deliver value. 10. Create a challenge. This can be done many ways. My favorite is an email or social media challenge. 11. Go live on Facebook talking about something that is related to your product and plug it in one or two times. This shows your true authentic self and comes across 100% genuine. DON'T spend the whole time selling. Hope these tips help! Join the She's a Creative FB Group: Follow the Podcast: She's a Creative Website: Follow Kay: Follow Kay's Blog: